Social Media: Every business benefits from it.

Social Media Marketing is without little doubt today’s quickest, easiest and often most cost effective form of marketing for business owners.

You can have a lot of success managing it all by yourself, meaning you don’t need to outsource – and pay – agencies such as ourselves to take care of it all for you.

The downfall? It’s very time consuming, and it can certainly be energy draining to constantly have to create and curate new exciting content ideas.

Think about it; If you have two social media platforms to manage and you aim to update these five times per week, that means you need to create x480 pieces of fresh and enticing content – every year.

That is a lot of content! And a lot of brain-power used.

Let us offer some assistance.

We are here to assist. We have created a Social Media Contenti Idea Calendar Concept which we want to give you, free of charge, every month.

With this calendar, you will receive one proposed idea for content every single day of the month, as well as daily Awareness and Wacky Days.

This essentially gives you two content ideas, daily! Pretty handy if you ask us, and we use this calendar ourselves daily:

We hope you will find it useful.

To saves this calendar, just right-click on the image and selet “Save As” as normal. Feel free to distribute, use and share as you wish.

If you would want to receive future calendars straight to your email inbox – sign up for our Mail List below. You will then receive a fresh content calendar every month, setting you up with great new ideas for the month ahead.