Photography helps people to see.

Yes – photos will help others see your vision, see your meaning and see what you are communicating, beyond words.

Photographs are incredibly important to your website content and digital marketing and will help capture your visitors attention and curiosity. Blogs and websites without stimulating photos are not only less interesting to visit but can also increase your site bounce-rate.

Did you know that posts that include images produce 650 procent higher engagement than text-only posts? So photos are indeed crucial!

However – take note; beware of just jumping on to Google Image and start saving and using any type of image.

Many (if not most) of the photos you will find on Google Image are subject to strict copyright laws, and copying or reusing them could land you in legal trouble.

Instead we have compiled this short and to-the-point list for you containing links to our favorite Copyright Free Stock Photo-sites: Yes, that’s right – with these websites you have access to thousands of flawless, engaging photos which you can safely use online or offline, for free. We love these sites!


1: Pixabay


Pixabay is probably our number one go-to when searching for images. It’s got a clean, easy-to-use design, good photos and many different filtering-options to specify which kind of photo you are looking for.

2: Pexels


Pexels is another great site with lots of nice images. We especially like the “related searches”-suggestion which suggests other similar content to search for, very handy if you are short of ideas!

3: Stocksnap


Stocksnap is one of the bigger sites. It has thousands of beautiful and varied photos, a handy search feature and you can also filter on the most popular and viewed photos.

4: Gratisography


If you are after something more creative and quirky – Check out Gratisography. They claim they have the world’s coolest collection of free high-resolution pictures, comprised of the world’s best, most creative images. Best of all? They are completely free of copyright restrictions.

5: Google Image


We love google. It’s our number one search tool and we use it literally daily. It’s a great online tool and the most popular of all search tools in the world. However, for stock-images we use it mainly as a last resort. Google Image has a lot of content but it’s not always the best or most suitable content, which is why we prefer the sites mentioned above, specifically for stock images.

But – if you do want to use Google Images, make sure you only search for photos that are copyright-free. To do so, under the google image search bar, click on “Tools”, then “Usage Rights” then “Labeled for Resuse With Modification”. Just be mindful and aware that google doesn’t always get this modification right – so double check to make sure photos you find here are indeed copyright-free.

And that’s our top list of the best free stock photos to use, without copyright.

Searching for appropriate photos can take a long time, even hours. If you rather spend that time and energy doing other things, turn to us! We love helping you and your business and can assist with researching and finding photos and other type of content or information. Send us an email now and we will get to work.