Everyone needs help sometimes.

Being in business means being busy. We dare say every business owner knows it – and has experienced it personally, many even feeling overwhelmed and stressed on a daily basis. So, why is it so hard to ask for help?

It seems to many that it takes more courage to ask for help than to stand alone.

We can understand why. Owning and running your own business means the success or failure of your company is completely up to you. But fact is: to be able to grow and develop your company, you can wear many hats – you just can’t wear them all.

Below are some clear signs that you are wearing too many hats and probably could use with some virtual business assistance.


1. You are so time-poor that you have been turning down new opportunities.

Every business owner loves new clients and more work – unless you are so busy you simply don’t have time for it.


2. Your days are filled doing tasks you rather not do.

An endless mountain of administration, calendar management, answering time consuming phone calls – and don’t get us started on formatting those tedious documents and spreadsheets. If you find yourself constantly doing tasks you rather not do it may be a good idea to start looking at outsourcing.


3. You are spending time “fire-fighting” instead of being proactive.

Finding the time to prepare for tomorrow’s important meeting? No chance, if you are constantly finding yourself fire-fighting and attending to last minute ordeals, critical arrangements and mistakes that need fixing. If you don’t have time to be proactive, you can never get ahead, leading to increased feelings of…:


4. Being unorganised, confused or stressed.

Being unorganised and therefore feeling confused will no doubt increase stress. Stress is unpleasant, even deadly. Not only can it cause heart desease, it can also cause you to overeat and gain weight – contributing to further stress and health problems.


5. Work/Life Balance? You’re not even sure what that is anymore.

It’s widely known how important work/life balance is. Lacking this balance means you aren’t allowing your mind and body to properly rest and rechearge. This in turn will increase your stress levels, decrease poductivity and in the long run impact the success of your organization.

Take that regular 10-minute break! And if you find you don’t have time to – look at getting some business assistance.

6. You have many new ideas – but not enough spare time to develop them.

Your mind is constantly coming up with better ways of doing this, new ways of doing that, and what about that genius-app idea? However with everything going in on in your work life you barely have time to even write your ideas down to remember them – let alone develop them.


7… Or, you have no new ideas at all, since you have no time to think of them.

Fresh ideas, new inventions? No chance, how could you have time to even ponder on such matters when you are up to your ears with daily business tasks and all your efforts are focused on keeping your head above the surface.


8. You constantly feel like you haven’t accomplished enough.

That bothersome, agonizing feeling of just not being enough. There is so much more you want to do – and know you can do. You want to be a better company owner, a better partner, parent or friend, but you simply can’t get around to it with everything going on in your business life.


9. You are only working in your business – not on your business.

When you get bogged down with simple details that someone else could be working on, you are not being an effective leader. You aren’t allowing yourself to work on your business rather than in your business.

By outsourcing, hiring a virtual assistant, or an online administration consultant you may find you will save not only time and energy but in the long run also costs – since you can focus on truly growing and developing your company.


10. You have lost some of the passion you once had.

Finally, if you notice that you are losing passion for your passion – your very own company and business, it’s time to act and regain your inspiration, strength and motivation. Because without passion, there is no energy. And without energy, there is nothing.


Do the above points feel familiar? Get in touch! We at AirAssistance are here to give you all the business assistance you require.